Prior to your appointment...

Please complete the New Patient Forms online by clicking the link below prior to your reserved day and time in our office.


  • If you have dental insurance, please bring your insurance card with you.

  • If you take any medications, please bring a list with you.

  • If you are transitioning care to us from a previous dental office, please complete the Authorization to Release Confidential Information form located in the New Patient Forms file.  We will be happy to request your dental records once we receive this signed authorization in our office in person or via fax, email, or mail.





For your convenience, we have included a link to our Notice of Privacy Practices that details how our practice protects your private health information. We will ask you to review this information on your arrival, and sign a receipt of this notice as required by law.

At your initial appointment...

You will be greeted warmly and professionally, and your first visit will include:

  • Time for you to get to know us and our office

  • Time for you to communicate your dental needs and your desired treatment outcomes

  • A detailed review of your medical and dental history

  • A comprehensive and thorough dental examination, which may include photographs, dental x-rays, and diagnostic impressions and models of your teeth

  • Time to discuss your examination and our recommendations for treatment